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My sister is an amazing cook, and wants to open a restaurant of her own one day. To get her inspired, I started taking pictures of food that I was eating–something delicious, something unique and always something well presented. After about a year I had quite a few photos of food, but when I decided to share them with her I realized they were all somewhere in my iPhoto library mixed in with my other photos of friends, family gatherings and travel.

I also love to cook, and I’m always eager to share my latest attempt at making ‘Mattar Paneer’ with my friends on Facebook. I also wonder what recipe my friend uses to get that unique flavor when she cooks. Do you?

That inspired me to build FoodCamera, not only as the best way to capture and organize your pictures of food, but also to share and connect with your personalized network of friends, family, and food lovers. I’m very excited to bring FoodCamera to you and have you be part of the community.

I want to hear your story.
What inspires you? Who are the people, and what are the little and big things that motivate you to do the things you do. Share your story here and I will feature the most interesting ones on the FoodCamera blog.

Take a bite, chew slowly.

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