Food Camera is brought to you by food lovers and the passionate team of Anubhav, Philippe, and Chloé.

Anubhav Jain

UX Designer at FoodCamera
designer, entrepreneur, dreamer, triathlete, food lover
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Anubhav passionately crafts user-experiences that delight users. He has experience in user-experience design in consumer and enterprise web-based services, startups, and non-profit, and a proven track-record of delivering products that are intuitive and easy to use, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

You can find him in San Francisco at The Plant Café enjoying their ‘Good Start’ fresh juice, or cooking Indian food with local and organic produce from the Farmer’s Market.


Philippe Furlan

Developer, iOS App Imagineer at FoodCamera
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Philippe has experience developing over 100 iOS apps, including iBird, the world’s largest selling field guide app. He is passionate about educating people about they can take charge of their own health and cure diseases by changing the food they eat.


E. Chloé Lauer

Health Coach and Advisor at FoodCame
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An urban designer and health coach, Chloé brings a creative, effervescent approach to life and a refreshing zestful energy to everyone and everything she encounters. Whether cooking, decorating her home, wrapping a gift, or designing a collage, her enthusiasm for making something beautiful is palpable. As a health coach, her compassionate nature provides clients with a nurturing space, allowing them to explore their desires, expand their confidence, and experience their lives more fully. Learn more about her here.